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The entire scores for 5 guitars and bass guitar.
The improvisations of John McLaughlin on the four standards recorded on the CD 'Thieves & Poets

This book contains the transcriptions of my improvisations and the orchestrations I did for 5 acoustic guitars and bass-guitar, on the 4 Standards found on the CD 'Thieves & Poets'.

For copyright reasons, I am not allowed to quote the titles of the Standards on the cover of this book, but the recordings we made, were of the standards: "My Foolish Heart", "The Dolphin", "Stella by Starlight", and "My Romance". The scores follow the same sequence as the CD and consequently "Improvisation on standard #1", corresponds to the recording of the 1st Standard: "My Foolish Heart". "Improvisation on Standard #2", corresponds to "The Dolphin", and so on.

Again for copyright reasons, the melodies are not included in these scores, but this book is essentially about the harmonic and rhythmic work involved in the orchestrations of the other guitars, and my improvisations over those structures.

Since in Jazz music, we take the liberty of altering or modifying the harmonic structure of Standards, I also have spent a considerable amount of time doing exactly that, and in addition, making sure that the overall sound of the guitars remains beautiful.

I cannot praise highly enough the transcription work of Andrea Agostini, to whom I offer my grateful thanks. My deepest thanks go also to my wife Ina, for her work and support in the actual creation of this book.

I take this opportunity to thank again the musicians who performed with me in the recording of these pieces.